Benefits of Wind Energy

Renewable projects bringing local benefit

The development of renewable energy projects brings many societal, environmental, and economic benefits. The Irish Government requires that all renewable projects that are developed over the coming years invest a community benefit fund into the local area, which will bring significant opportunities for local communities.

The Moanvane Wind Farm will deliver a Community Benefit Fund in the region of €300,000 per year for the local community, or €4.5 million over the duration of the project.

As well as the Community Benefit Fund, the wind farm will also pay rates to Offaly County Council, and any roads that would be used during the construction of the project would be upgraded.


What will this project deliver for the local area?

Moanvane Wind Farm will invest a total of €4.5 million over the lifetime of the wind farm.

This funding will deliver:

  • Direct return for those living closest to the wind farm.
  • A 6km amenity trail, providing a safe walkway for use by the local community
  • Deliver lower energy costs – financial support will be made available for people to adopt low carbon solutions like retrofitting homes, reducing bills as well as carbon footprints.
  • Support for local community groups, like local youth groups, services for the elderly, sporting organisations, schools etc.
  • A local educational fund that can be used towards assisting local people with high education costs.


The development of renewable energy is a very positive move for society in general given the role that it plays in effective climate action, but we believe that it is important to go further than this and to deliver the positive benefits of renewable energy to local communities.


This is only a starting point in the development of this fund, and we recognise that local people know the local area best. Feedback from the community will be sought to establish the best way to invest in sustainable local initiatives.


We would be very interested to hear from you as to what you might think would work in your local area.

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